Be honest with yourself.

How to be honest with yourself even when you thought you were but come to find out you weren’t.

You need this video in your life. I know I sure did and glad I have it now.

My morning routine consists of 1. Coffee 2. Letting the dogs go pee and serve the masters their morning meal 3. Scanning the headlines to see which universe I’ve woken up into today and 4. See what all the YouTube algorithms think I need to plug into my brain today.

Today, they hit the mark and I truly appreciate it.

I had never heard of Tom Bilyeu until this morning and still no little more than the description of him offered up by the YouTuber who posted this video. I’ll do more homework later but for now, I’m curious but far more impressed and inspired by what he had to offer humanity in the form of this particular speaking. If you’ve found yourself in a rut of epic proportions, that seem impossible to escape from (like I’ve been in for far too long), I can’t recommend it enough. My take away and summary is this: The idea of being honest with yourself is important but WHAT are you being HONEST ABOUT?

This was so profound for me this very morning. I’d swear this fella was reading my mind, plugging the notes into an AI powered speech generator and cranked out this telling and reflection of my own struggles.

Maybe he or it did. Either way I’m glad he or it did. For those who needed to hear this one, go get ’em, Tiger! As for me I’ve got to go get over not being right or ready all the time. – Jim 07/17/2022

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Apparently he has a podcast… I’ve just subscribed…

And now for something completely different…

It’s tiny but mighty. Everyone needs 3D printing in their lives. Be it for personal use as a hobby or perhaps professional use for prototyping and manifesting an item via technology, this one can start your journey off nicely.

Author: Jim Bumgardner

Jim's Toy Box features programming that is inspirational, uplifting and motivational all the while offering encouragement to those who wish to make the most of this life in preparation for the next.

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